When it comes to ink quality, you can´t afford to take risks – that´s why at Kirk-Rudy we use HP cartridges, which are rigorously tested to meet stringent guidelines. Over many years using HP, we have found that they deliver quality, attention to detail and performance every time, without fail.
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' For the industrial customer the inkjet cartridge is a very small part of their manufacturing system but it can stop that whole system…the reliability has to be beyond question. '

Mark Pentony
Operations & Engineering Manager at HP Speciality Printing Systems
' For the manufacture of each individual cartridge there´s close to 100 individual steps, and only by testing each individual step can we make sure that the quality at the end of the line is as good as we currently see today. '

Colin Judge
NPI Engineer at HP Speciality Printing Systems

Innovation through Experience

Kirk-Rudy has a long history of providing outstanding performance in mail, print and packaging solutions. 
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Rely on Quality

Learn more about how HP´s range of printing technology can help grow your business.

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