KR203P Pick and Place System

Kirk-Rudy's 203P system attaches a wide variety of cards and pre-packaged samples onto various mailers and inserts using quick-setting hot melt glue

The KR 203P attaches a wide variety of cards and pre-packaged samples onto various mailers and inserts

An affordable alternative to high priced attaching systems, the KR203P System is ideally suited for small to mid volume operations requiring quick set-up, ease of use and reliability. Hot melt glue is automatically applied to the media as it leaves the KR shuttle feeder. Cards or sample packs are accurately placed onto the media by the KR Pick and Place head. Where appropriate, peel-away adhesives permit product removal and easy clean-up.


Use the optional dual hopper kit for placing two cards side by side or the plow fold station for in-line folding and trouble-free design reduces operator training and setup time. Ideally suited for short run jobs, the KR203P is long run capable as well. Precision manufactured components, heavy duty construction and traditional craftsmanship results in a truly rugged and dependable system capable of handling a wide range of material.

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  • Optional plow fold stations and other customized solutions means increased versatility

  • Optional dual hopper kit

See the KR203P Pick and Place System in Production