KR486 LR Chain Register System

Kirk-Rudy's 486 system attaches cards and other flat products onto various mailers and inserts using quick-setting hot melt adhesive

Attach cards, pharmaceutical inserts and other flat products onto various mailers and inserts using the KR486 LR system.

The KR486 LR achieves high speed, accurate card placement using pusher lugs on both the transport base and the Attaching Head. Mechanical timing between the base and head ensures registration. Quick-setting hot melt adhesive securely holds the item in place. Where appropriate, peel-away adhesives permit product removal and easy clean-up. Use the optional KR219 RSF Plow Fold station for in-line folding.  

Designed for maximum reliability and performance, the KR486 LR is ideally suited for applications requiring high-speed, accurate attaching of a wide variety of product. The KR486 is ideally suited for mailing/packaging operations requiring reliability, quick set-up and high throughput.

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  • Setups are even quicker using KR’s optional Hot Melt Glue Interface. PLC control allows for multiple glue locations on a single piece

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