KR221-223 Stamp Head

Applies roll form postage stamps, commercially printed redemption stamps or commemorative stamps of postage size.

Use postage stamps to personalize any mailing

The KR221-223 mounts onto most KR215 and KR219 label bases and even works with some Cheshire bases. Applies roll form postage stamps at rates up to 18,000 pieces per hour. Built-in flexibility means up to six stamps can be applied in a single pass. Positive control of the stamp is maintained using vacuum wheels to transfer the stamp from the rotary knife, against the glue wheel and onto the mail piece. A miss feed detection circuit disengages the rotary knife and indexing wheel when a media miss feed occurs preventing stamp feed. For pressure sensitive stamps, use the KR535 Tabmaster.
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  • Apply six stamps in a single pass

  • Speeds up to 18,000 pieces per hour

  • Miss feed detection circuitry