KR500 Friction Feeder

Designed to feed flat die-cut boxes and many other difficult to feed products

Quick Change Setup

The KR500 is a heavy duty Friction Feeder that is designed to feed flat die-cut boxes and many other difficult irregular products up to widths of 19.25” and speeds of 1000 fpm.

The KR500 has tool-less adjustments on side guides, friction belts, front gates, rear guides and out feed drive rollers. The friction belts have adjustment left/right to support the product as needed near the side guides. The friction belt position can be adjusted with a single knob that is connected to a rack and pinion gear. These features allow for quick change setups between product sizes.

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  • Speed Following DC drive

  • Servo Motor Drive

  • Hydra-Lift Kit

  • Urethane gates

  • Longer product support

  • Oscillating rear guides

  • Wider product versions available up to 30”


  • Movable friction belts

  • Vibrating rear product guides

  • Side guides extend below friction belts

See the KR500 Friction Feeder in Production

Youtube video here