KR565 Label Splicing Unit

Industrial Splicing Technology at an Affordable Cost

Continuous Feed Dual Unwind 

Designed to provide nonstop, uninterrupted labeling when used with the KR435 / KR535. The continuous feed dual unwind acts as a stand-alone standard loose-loop powered unwind unit. When the supply roll unwinds to a certain level, a sensor activates a warning light and signals the drive to feed the remaining labels into a holding bin. The second roll of labels is then spliced to the end of the web as the labels in the bin are consumed.  

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  • PLC Controlled

  • Dancer Arm Tension Control

  • Fast set-up times with no tools required

  • Variable Speed Dispense Rate

  • Low Label Light Indicator

  • Manual Clamping System

See the KR565 Label Splicing Unit in Production