KR496FC Friction Clutch Feeder

Heavy-Duty &  fast, the 496FC Friction Clutch Feeder handles Z -folds, and open ended products with ease

Clutched feeding for timed applications and or batch counting.

Heavy-duty and fast, the KR496F handles hard to feed items such as Z-folds and open ended products. Easily mounts onto and integrates with the KR shuttle feeder. Because friction feeders are not suited for feeding many catalogues and books, both types of feed systems are necessary to handle the widest range of products. A separate frame assembly makes feed belt replacement quick and easy. Optional configurations include wide and narrow product feed kits, extended out feed and mounting stand. See the KR496FC for batch and or staged feeding.
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  • Easily feeds difficult items such as Z-folds and open-ends


  • Portable design – easily mounts onto KR-215IJ feed base and KR-219IJ base


  • Rugged construction


  • Quick change feed belt design