KR534 Autoloader

The KR534 is a cost effective, reliable solution that will improve productivity.

The KR534 is a cost effective, reliable solution that will improve productivity.

Improve paper feeding capabilities and throughput with the KR534 Autoloader. The KR534 automatically loads the hopper of the feeder, keeping a consistent stack height in the hopper. A beam switch is used to detect a minimum level of product in the feeder hopper and activate a clutch to engage motor driven belts to convey more products into the hopper. The KR534 provides the reliability and consistency you are looking for.

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  • Easily feeds difficult items such as Z-folds and open-ends


  • Portable design – easily mounts onto KR Friction Feeder and KR Shuttle Feeders


  • Rugged construction


  • Quick change feed belt design

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