KR 905 Pattern Recognition System

Use the KR 905 Mark Detection System for detecting zip code sorting marks on a mail piece

For applications requiring controlled scan times, use the KR 988 system.

Comprised of a camera, control module and mounting hardware, the KR 905 continuously compares images passing underneath the camera with an image stored in memory . A signal is output to the controlling machine when a match occurs. A threshold setting allows for varying degrees of compliance.

Use the KR 905 with the KR 630 Stacker for automated zip code sorting. Have the inkjet system print a mark (i.e. **, ## or any other pattern) at every zip code break. Load the mark into memory by placing the mark under the camera and pressing the teach button. As marks are detected, the KR 905 will control the KR 630 and keep stacks segregated by zip code. 

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