KR 630 Stacking System

Increase your productivity using the KR 630 to automatically sort mail in-line with your addressing system

Sorting mail electronically is more accurate than manual sorting and allows for higher processing speeds. Stacks are output according to preset counts and zip code breaks established in the mailing list. An in-line divert gate ensures accuracy by removing purged mail pieces. Setup is a snap using the on board PLC and operator interface.

Priced and built right, the KR 630 stacks the odds of success in your favor. See the KR 950 for Kirk-Rudy's compensating stacker. 

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  • A straightforward operator interface simplifies operator training and setup

  • An in-line divert gate removes mixed mail, purged or non-printed mail pieces from the system

  • Minimal set-up time is needed because the KR 630 rolls into position over-top the shingle conveyor

See the 630 Stacking System in Production

Youtube video here