KR725 Bag Feeder

The KR725 is designed to feed stacked flat bags using a pick and place mechanism to ensure a smooth transfer on every feed.

An industrial bag feeder at an affordable cost.

The KR725 Bag Feeder is designed to feed one bag at a time from a stack onto a vacuum conveyor for printing and/or labeling. The pick and place mechanism removes the top bag off a stack that is a maximum of 7” tall.


The suction cup mechanism is designed to flex and accommodate bags that do not stack evenly because of the double fold on the bottom of most paper bags. The KR725 Bag Feeder includes an automatic stack loader.


The operator can pre-load a stack next to the stack that is running and the machine will automatically convey that stack into position when it is needed.
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  • Pick and place mechanism is designed to flex and accommodate bags that do not stack evenly.
  • Venturi vacuum generators for suction cups to reduce power consumption and noise level
  • Rugged construction
  • The touch screen interface provides a way to change machine settings, monitor the status of the machine, display faults, and allow manual operations.


  • KR535HD Labelmaster for applying labels
  • KR inkjet systems for printing
  • Gantry to mount OEM labeling heads
  • Angled catch tray to collect bags
  • Shingling conveyor to collect bags

See the KR725 Bag Feeder in Production

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