KR503 Friction Pile Feeder

This stand alone pile feeder was engineered to feed cut sheet paper fast and easy. The friction belt mechanism was uniquely designed to move the top sheet smoothly onto the feed belts. The servo motor accurately controls feeding and delivery of the sheets. With a foot petal control of the product elevator and a capacity hopper combined with a roll-up paper tray and cart, re-loading is superfast.


  • 3 feed modes (index, continuous, demand)
  • Floor petal control of product elevator
  • Electric pile height sensor
  • Holds up to 4,000 shts. 20lb. bond
  • Removable loading tray and cart on wheels


  • Ultrasonic double detect


KR503 Friction Pile Feeder
KR503 Friction Pile Feeder with cart
double detect
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