KR545D Tabber

Patented, innovative trailing edge tab application applies tabs to 3 sides in a single pass to meet the new USPS specifications for self mailers and booklet tabbing regulations.

The KR545D handles large 18″ diameter rolls and runs all major types of tabs as well as pressure sensitive stamps and labels of various shapes and sizes. Multiple tabs or labels can be applied in a single pass.

The KR545D’s innovative dual web design allows inline operation with standard addressing and binding systems. Use with the KR565 Roll Splice Unit for uninterrupted continuous tabbing and labeling.


  • Servo driven controls
  • Side register belts for tight tabs
  • Touch screen tab location feature
  • Side to side tabletop adjustment
  • Industry standard motors and controls
  • Quick-release upper belt system
  • Quick release peel plates
  • Runs in-line with most addressing and bindery systems
  • Stop-out stop-in electrical interface
  • KR conveyor pass through controls


  • Single crank hydraulic lift kit for height adjustment up to 5 inches
  • Vacuum Web Waste Removal Kit
  • Bump Turn Kit for infeed table section
  • 5” Wide Label or Fan-Fold Kit for second head
  • Knife Web Waste Removal Kit
  • Magnetic Label Kit for second head

Supporting Equipment

  • KR496F Friction Feeder
  • KR415 Bump Turn Interface Conveyor
  • KR565 label splicing unit with continuous feed for uninterrupted tabbing and labeling


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