KR555 LabelMaster

Built for production labeling environments.

The latest generation of our LabelMaster labeling system uses the popular KR519 Base with extruded aluminum T-slot rails that allow the label head to move freely across the table, allowing a wide variety of product positioning.

Like all Kirk-Rudy equipment, the modular design of the KR555 allows for easy integration into existing production lines as well as custom configurations.


  • Heavy-duty, built for production environments
  • Applies labels up to 30,000 pieces/hour
  • Holds high capacity label rolls (up to 18” in diameter)
  • Easily integrated into production lines


  • Wide variety of feeders
  • Servo Drive motor for super accurate placement and control
  • Wide label kits (5”, 6”, and 8”)
  • Heavy unwind kit (for roll magnets)
  • Multiple label heads per unit
  • Ping-Pong configuration for multiple heads


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