KR725 Bag Feeder

Feed large flat bags and flat corrugated boxes.

Designed to feed difficult large flat bags one at a time from a stack onto a vacuum conveyor for printing, and/or labeling. The pick and place suction cup mechanism removes the top bag off a stack that is a maximum of 7” tall and accommodates bags that do not stack evenly.

The automatic stack loader is designed so one operator can load a stack of bags while a previously loaded stack is already being fed into the unit, providing for continuous feeding.


  • Flexible pick and place suction cup mechanism
  • Automatic stack loader
  • Touch screen interface
  • Rugged construction


  • Flat cardboard feeding lift
  • Gantry for mounting label heads
  • KR inkjet printing systems
  • KR LabelMaster
  • Angled catch tray
  • Shingling conveyor


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