Add another dimension to your inkjet capabilities with MatchMate

Accuracy is critical in print-on-demand applications to ensure that the right information is printed for the right audience. Errors are costly to both you and your customers. How do you ensure that you deliver the highest quality service? MatchMate can provide you with an easy way to control and customize your printing process.


Based on Kirk-Rudy’s powerful NetJet software, MatchMate adds another dimension to your inkjet printing capabilities by enabling you to:

  • Read and Print – Support a variety of applications, including personalization, matching cards to personalized letters and inline addressing.
  • Print and Verify – Confirm the integrity and readability of printed output and verify that it matches the source information.
  • Read, Print and Verify – Print and confirm personalized information to ensure the highest integrity available.


  • Improve quality and accuracy by ensuring integrity throughout the printing process
  • Increase productivity and lower costs by reducing errors
  • Support closed envelopes by using readers before folders, turnovers and inserters
  • Extend the functionality and integrity of current applications by adding MatchMate into an existing print system

About MatchMate

MatchMate is so flexible it can be used with virtually any machine. MatchMate’s configuration software allows you to layout your machine to enable MatchMate to track products throughout the process.

MatchMate’s power comes from each of the modules that make up the intelligence that MatchMate brings to the printing process, allowing MatchMate users to selectively purchase modules based on their individual printing needs. Because MatchMate is a modular system, you only purchase the modules you need. MatchMate integrates with a variety of Kirk-Rudy machines and devices, including:

  • Standard NetJet print bases
  • Turnover devices or folders
  • Inserters
  • Card attachers
  • Card readers


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