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tech wipes - 600 per pack
  1. Item #191159 – 600 wipes per pack

Our Tech Wipes are the only cloths you should be using when wiping the print heads of your ink cartridges, and piezo print heads. These 4” x 4” microseal 100% knitted polyester wipes are lint free and contain no fibers that can damage print head nozzles.

spray bottle
  1. Item #193388 – 8 oz.

This industrial quality sprayer will hold water, solvents, and flush. Use this to apply a fine mist of liquid to tech wipes for cleaning ink cartridges and piezo print heads.

cartridge clip
  1. Item #191950

Use this high-quality plastic clip to cap and seal 45A style cartridges after use. Blue silicon pad protects and seals the delicate cartridge print head. Re-usable. Use for water based or solvent cartridges.

ink catch tray
  1. Item #540227-01 – 100 trays per pack

This 4” x 4” clear plastic tray is for use in our WaveJet inkjet systems for draining and purging ink and flush from the print head. This tray precisely fits into the WaveJet catch tray frame.

ink catch tray
  1. Item #190693-1 – 3,000 stamps per roll

Use these “Dummy Stamps” to set up your labeler or tabber to apply USPS pressure sensitive postage stamps. Stamps are same size as postage stamps, 7/8″ wide by 1″ high and come on a 3″ core.

ink catch tray
  1. Item #192319 – 25 lb. box

Fugitive glue is used in the direct mail industry to bond mailing components for secure delivery. Fugitive adhesive, typically referred to or known as “booger glue” is also used to attach easily removable credit cards, keys, coins, or supplements into direct mail packaging, magazines, or newspapers. This versatile adhesive allows for the removal of items with no residue or tearing.