Harry V. Kirk, Founder and CEO of Kirk-Rudy, Inc.

Our Founder, Harry Kirk, Dies at 93

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Woodstock, GA – The mailing and printing industry lost an icon of innovation and technology on October 29, 2021. Harry V. Kirk, founder and CEO of Kirk-Rudy, Inc., died at age 93.

Born in Czechoslovakia in 1928, Harry endured the brutal occupation by Germany during World War II and later occupation by the communist Soviet government. After escaping at the age of 20, he eventually made his way to America. After settling in Chicago and connecting with a community of Czech immigrants, he landed a job with the Cheshire Corporation as night maintenance technician. Management quickly noticed his ability to improve their equipment and he was promoted to Head Engineer.

In 1967, when Cheshire was being purchased by Zerox, Harry and a co-worker, Fred Rudy, started Kirk-Rudy, Inc. in a small garage in Libertyville, IL. With Harry’s knowledge of mailing equipment and a many industry contacts, their business grew quickly. In 1971 they moved operations to the warmer climate of Kennesaw, GA. Harry then bought Fred Rudy out and became sole owner in 1972. In 2002 Kirk-Rudy was moved to a custom designed, state-of-the-art production facility in Woodstock, GA.

Harry’s commitment to designing and building better equipment, all under one roof, has proven to  be the driving success of Kirk-Rudy. “Harry made Kirk-Rudy into a strong company that will carry his vision and legacy well into the future. He will be sorely missed, he touched so many lives”, says Rick Marshall, President.


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FireJet 4C
Kirk-Rudy’s new FireJet 4C Color Inkjet System.

Kirk-Rudy, Inc. has announced it’s newest addition to their line-up of high quality, industrial inkjet printers. The FireJet 4C is a pigment-based aqueous printing system engineered to deliver increased speed and outstanding image quality at a low cost.

Using Memjet’s new DuraFlex technology, the FireJet 4C is an all-in-one printing system that combines the heavy-duty transport that Kirk-Rudy is famous for, along with the printing quality, reliability, and simplicity that Memjet is known for. The FireJet 4C offers a profitable alternative to the smaller desktop, toner based digital color printers on the market today, and delivers high-speed color printing at near offset quality for documents, labels, direct mail and packaging.

The FireJet 4C can print A3+ and A4 cut sheets in full color (CMYK) at 1600 x 1600 dpi and can print at speeds up to 150 ft/min. The newly designed user-replaceable printhead has been engineered to provide a longer life (approximately 120 liters), along with outstanding image quality across a broad range of porous, uncoated offset, inkjet-treated and inkjet-coated media.

Kirk-Rudy has incorporated robust color correction software and their XKolor RIP that provides operators with an easy to use, operator friendly digital press with very little maintenance.

The versatility and outstanding performance of the FireJet 4C can open new markets in full color printing and provide increased revenue.

Since 1967 Kirk-Rudy has manufactured innovative solutions for addressing, paper handling, packaging, and RFID.  From their state of the art 100,000 sq. ft. factory just north of Atlanta, GA, a complete product line of feeders, transport bases, conveyors, inkjet printers, inserters, labeling, tabbing, sorting, stacking, tip-on, pick-n-place, folders, bump turns, drying and matching/vision systems are engineered and produced with the highest standards of quality and value.

Old inkjet system on used base

Time to upgrade your inkjet?

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It may be easier than you think, and at a price within reach.

If you have inkjet addressing equipment that is five years or older, now may be a great time to consider upgrading. We all know technology is continuing at a rapid pace across all aspects of our everyday life, and production inkjet equipment is no exception.

Today’s piezo drop on demand inkjet systems, such as our UltraJet and Phoenix have numerous benefits over older piezo and thermal inkjet systems (TIJ). The most noticeable is an improved quality image and faster speeds. Today’s printheads allow for more control of drop sizes which not only allows for better image control, but also allows control of the amount of ink used in a job which can lead to lower operating costs. In fact, ink costs are noticeably lower with a piezo system than a TIJ cartridge-based system, as low as one tenth the total cost of ink.

The faster speeds obtained in today’s inkjet systems can lead to increased production and more throughput for greater profitability. Our Phoenix, with its landscape printing capability can replace two TIJ systems thereby generating huge savings thru reduced ink and labor costs.

The simplicity and ease of use with these newer systems allow for less experienced labor and the need for specialized training, especially compared to continuous inkjet systems (CIJ). Service and maintenance is extremely easy with modern piezo inkjet systems. For example, our UltraJet and Phoenix can be up and running within 5 minutes at the start of every day. Shut down at end of day requires a quick flush of the print head, which is simple as pressing a button. This removes ink from the printhead so that it doesn’t clog and damage the head. Then a quick snap on of a protective cap and you are done, about 5 minutes total.

Previous aqueous inkjet systems could only be used on porous substrates such as envelopes and uncoated paper. Running coated stocks required a solvent based inkjet system with higher ink costs and maintenance issues. Now, with the new developments in Ultraviolet (UV) inks, there is no need to decide between an aqueous or solvent based system. The UV ink is “cured” immediately after passing under a LED UV light source, instead of being dried by a heat source. This allows one system to print on a wide variety of substrates and coatings as well as some laminates and plastics. Maintenance and overall life expectancy of a UV print head is longer than that of an aqueous or solvent system.

Upgrading your inkjet unit on a Kirk-Rudy base, in most cases, is fairly easy. Today’s inkjet systems are smaller and more compact than older units. Our UltraJet v21 has proved to be a good replacement for our older WaveJet inkjet systems. The KR215 and KR219 vacuum bases that have been on the market for a while are exceptionally well built so that a few simple upgrades and maintenance will provide a long lasting, quality transport base for all your inkjet needs.

If investing in a whole new inkjet system has you nervous, consider an upgrade to one of our newest inkjets using your existing base. With KR Capital financing, requiring little upfront costs, you could upgrade your inkjet system and achieve immediate ROI. Contact us today or the Kirk-Rudy dealer in your area for a free consultation.

Kirk-Rudy Graph Expo booth

Graph Expo is now Print 18

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Kirk-Rudy has been a long-time exhibitor at the Graph Expo shows and the (quadrennial) PRINT show.

Recently, the sole owner of the shows, NPES, transformed and renamed their organization to The Association for Print Technologies. They also re-branded the shows and, going forward, it will now be known as PRINT (plus the year). PRINT 18 will be held in Chicago, at McCormick Place South, September 30th thru October 2nd.

“With the entire graphic communications industry in a state of major transformation, we are in a unique position to redefine ourselves as an organization and provide a new vision for the future”, said Thayer Long, President of the Association for Print Technologies (APT).

Kirk-Rudy has always used this trade show to reach the printing industry and demonstrate, on the show floor, their vast selection of unique equipment used for variable data inkjet printing and direct mail finishing. “While many companies have scaled back their expenditures at the trade shows, bringing less equipment and reducing booth sizes, we believe the best way for visitors to understand the value of our equipment is to see it operating on the showroom floor. These visitors are able to make better informed decisions when the time comes,” states Rick Marshall, Kirk-Rudy President.

Located in a 20’x40′ island booth (#2036) in the Mailing Pavilion section, Kirk-Rudy will be bringing their latest inkjet printing systems, along with their most popular mail finishing equipment offerings.

Visit Kirk-Rudy’s Trade Show page at www.kirkrudy.com/trade-shows-events/ for more information.

New Small Format Inkjet

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Kirk-Rudy has announced the latest addition to their line-up of inkjet systems. The UltraJet v21 is a high resolution, high speed inkjet system designed to meet the rigorous demands of a production environment.

The 2.12” Piezo inkjet print head can produce consistent 600 dpi quality at high speeds. This system can easily connect up to four print heads and can be configured to work in line with other systems for a large variety of variable data printing.

Available in aqueous or UV versions, the UltraJet v21 is powered by Kirk-Rudy’s own XJet software, features a pneumatic head lift and is extremely easy to use with very little maintenance.

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Kirk-Rudy’s Phoenix printer enables Action Mail to generate more revenue and increase their customer base by offering a “One Stop Shop”

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Action Mail is a full-service direct mail marketing and fulfillment company in San Diego, CA. Founded in 1996 by Ron Lazarus, Action Mail has outgrown their print and mail services facility three times over the last 13 years & in 2008 purchased their own free-standing building in Escondido. Action Mail has been a valued customer of Kirk-Rudy’s dealer, Mailers Engineering for many years. Action Mail was formerly a Buskro user but over the years realized the advantage & value of Kirk-Rudy’s equipment coupled with the service and support of Mailers Engineering was a better option.

With the USPS’ every changing requirements in order to qualify for automation prices Action Mail was faced with finding a printer that would print the IMB barcode since their existing technology did not have that capability. Mailers Engineering and Ron had a discussion about the new Kirk-Rudy Phoenix ink jet printer that would not only give him the ability to print the IMB barcode plus others but could differentiate Action Mailing from the rest of the general mail shops in his area. Due to the growing popularity of customers wanting to print on more difficult coated substrates in the market place Ron agreed that the Phoenix’s UV printing capabilities could set him apart from most of the competition.

“We have many more options with the KR Phoenix printer than we did with our MCS array printer. We are able to print on any number of substrates, we cut our production time in half and were able to generate more revenue & increase our customer base by offering a One Stop Shop, setting us apart from our competition”. – Ron Lazarus, Owner

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Kirk-Rudy’s #RFID technology solution

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Kirk-Rudy has partnered with Impinj to bring this high-speed RFID Hang Tag System to market using the Impinj Speedway Revolution STP 2.0. The Kirk-Rudy hang tag encoding machine enables service bureaus to leverage their existing processes, product flows and investments in printing & material handling technologies through an offline barcode scan and encode process with failed tag removal. Kirk-Rudy can also provide a number of different custom high-speed options including, high-speed inkjet printing & RFID label application. The KR219 RFID processing system can feed, transport, read, encode & verify RFID Hang Tags. See the incomparable KR219 RFID technology solution at the upcoming RFID Journal Live 2015 show.

Kirk-Rudy KolorJet

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Introducing the KolorJet …Kirk-Rudy’s latest innovation in highspeed color printing featuring Hewlett-Packard’s latest technology.

KRC500 KolorJetAdd color images, graphics, and variable data to envelopes and documents for more effective communication with the ability to sell high value add Print in Direct Mail and TransPromo, maximize ROMI (effectiveness of marketing spend) with personalized direct marketing and targeted, high-impact messages & increase response rates Up to 5% (and higher in some cases).

Offering a low total cost of ownership, the KolorJet Print Module is an affordable option for adding process color, especially versus standalone equipment. Plus you save time and money with automatic maintenance and low processing costs.

Product Description:

  • Print high-quality images, graphics, and variable data at high speeds—600×300 dpi at 500 fpm with four 4.25″ printheads
  • Automatic Service Stations
  • Snap-In Printheads
  • Intelligent Ink Delivery System
  • Ink supply station for web applications.


  • 775-ml ink cartridges – HP CMYK aqueous dye inks
  • Four TIJ 4 Print heads – CMYK
  • Print head Web Wipe Cleaner