KR730 Roller Registration Conveyor

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Register a wide range of product efficiently and conveniently with the KR730 Roller Registration Conveyor.

The KR730 adjusts quickly and easily to accommodate a wide range of material from small 3" x 3" single sheet up to 14" x 14" books. The unique non-angled infeed and outfeed rollers maintain registration integrity.

The unique design of the KR730 allows you to configure it to match your space requirements. Product can exit right, left or straight through.

The versatility of the KR730 separates it from the competition. Invest in the KR730 and find out how a little versatility can make a big difference in your productivity.


  • First angled roller registration table to include non-angled transfer rollers on the infeed and outfeed to ensure the product stays registered after leaving the conveyor
  • Smaller diameter rollers transport large and small product sizes even with large length to width ratios
  • Super fast set-up times with no tools required
  • Accurately control the speed of the in-coming product with the speed-up roller to ensure proper delivery for registration every time

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