KR840R Roller Registration

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Register a wide range of product efficiently and conveniently.

The unique design of the KR840R allows for accurate registration of product for use in inkjet printing, labeling, card attaching and other production lines. Product can be right or left hand justified and set up is quick and easy. Integrated controls allow for easy speed matching, stopping and starting when used with a Kirk-Rudy base.

Adjustable product transfer pinch rollers help transfer product at critical points to ensure product stays registered. Non-angled transfer rollers on the infeed and outfeed ensure the product stays registered after leaving the unit. A durable unique belt drive system keeps things quiet and belt changes are quick and easy minimizing down time.

Table is easily moved using hand crank. Micro adjustments on side guide allow for accurate adjustments to product flow. Dimpled stainless steele top reduces static electricity and provides accurate registration Minimum product size: 3" wide x 3" long

Maximum product size: 17" wide x 18" long

Maximum roller speed: 500 feet/minute

For large product, the KR840W will handle up to 24" wide x 18" long


  • Smaller diameter rollers transport large and small products easily
  • Individually driven cone skid bar handles wide variety of products
  • Super-fast set up times with no tools required
  • Swivel casters allow for easy movement into existing lines


  • Optional stand-alone control unit for non Kirk-Rudy bases

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