KR881 Heatmate Infrared Dryer

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Energy efficient and a cost effective design combine to make the KR881 one red-hot bargain.

The KR881 infrared inkjet dryer is an affordable, high efficiency ir drying system used with water and solvent based inkjet printing systems. Specially designed bulbs reduce glare and direct most infrared energy towards the ink pattern. This means the dryer operates at a lower power setting, limiting energy consumption and extending bulb life.

Transport base connections ensure dryer only operates when the base is running while a circuit board provides line speed information eliminating the need for a tachometer.

The KR881 is available in two sizes: 10” and 16”. The 10” unit outputs a maximum of 3 kw. The 16” unit is available in four power levels: 3.2 kw, 4.8 kw, 6 kw and 9 kw. All systems operate on 240VAC.


  • Designed and built to interface with Kirk-Rudy equipment, the KR881 can also be used with most other major brands of equipment
  • Lower capital and operating cost. The KR881 is equipped with bulbs that direct most infrared energy towards the ink. This efficiency gain allows the dryer to operate at a lower setting, saving on electrical consumption and extending bulb life
  • Interconnects with transport base so the dryer only runs when the transport base is running
  • Automatic temperature control is based on line speed. Dryer output automatically adjusts for speed changes.


  • Tilt-Away Mounting Stand

    • Tilt-away mounting assembly moves dryer away from base for cleaning or maintenance
    • Automatically disables dryer when tilted away from base
  • Dual KR881 Dryer Package

    • Uses dual KR881 dryers to enable drying two separate ink patterns or one wide pattern

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